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Magniflex Mattresses: The Natural Choice

At Industrial Revolution we are consistently searching for companies that align with our green vision. Partnering with companies, like Magniflex, that take an environmentally conscious approach to production is very important to us. 

Why Magniflex?

Sleep is essential to well-being. We need it to function and we need it to survive.  Giuliano Magni, founder of Italian mattress company, Magniflex, understood this over 50 years ago when he created his first mattress independently in a small lab.  Since this debut, Magniflex has worked to research, develop and evolve a line of mattresses that will improve quality of life and contribute to the health benefits that only a great night’s sleep will provide.

Today, Magniflex produces a highly diversified and innovative range of products which are distributed to over 70 countries worldwide.

Magniflex Hearts Nature

In 1986, Magniflex created a revolutionary new way to transport mattresses.  Vacuum packing was introduced as a significantly more hygienic means for transportation. This method also allowed many more mattresses to be transported at once thus cutting down substantially on fossil fuel emissions.  Less cars on the road = less pollution.

Magniflex Vacuum Packaging - Less Pollution

Sustainable, Resourceful, Local

Think memory foam comfort meets Italian design meets David Suzuki.  Designed and manufactured in Tuscany, Italy they use only raw materials, locally sourced materials.  Unwavering business practices like these have earned Magniflex many awards for quality and environmental consciousness.

You sleep hot, but your partner sleeps cold?

Twin beds may have worked for Lucy and Ricky in the 50’s, but today there’s a better solution.  The Magnigel Mattress is a revolutionary solution to the age-old issue of different sleeping preferences. Two separate layers allow for two preferences of support including a cooling gel layer to keep that toasty sleeper from overheating.

Duogel Mattress - Magniflex

Magniflex Productions

The natural choice…

Soy protein, aloe vera and essential oils.  Nope, I’m not talking about a spa or health food store, these are all contained in the organic cotton fibre of the Toscana mattress. This fabric is also famous for its breathability and the removable cover makes it easy to clean.

Memory foam madness

Can’t get enough of that memory foam pillow-top? Time to take it up a notch. The Dolce Vita mattress gently follows the body’s silhouette  and adapts according to heat and pressure. Bonus? Outlast® fabric covering provides regulation to the micro-climate between your body and your bed.

Who wants a soft sleep without the back pain?

The Classico Mattress is here to help.  It’s Elioform layer offers extra orthopaedic spinal support while the memoform foam is quilted for comfort. Time to sink into sleep without the achy wake-up.

Warranty Information

At Industrial Revolution we stand by our products and we partner with those who do the same. Magniflex mattresses have a 20 year warranty on manufacturing or material defects, guaranteeing years and years of quality, restful sleep.