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Dyson Csys

Floor Lamp

      The CSYS LED Floor Lamp by Jake Dyson
  • Heat pipe technology cools LEDs to sustain brightness over 144,000 hours.
  • Using 3 Axis Glide™ motion, CSYS™ task lights adjust horizontally, vertically and rotationally with fingertip touch.
  • High-power LEDs provide 648lx of warm, white light.
  • Touch-sensitive, continuous dimming. Remembers your most recent light level setting.
  • Eight conical reflectors hide the LEDs from your line of sight.
  • The LEDs use a fraction of the energy of a conventional halogen bulb.
  • Also available in a task lamp

All black or black/silver.


Base: Width 12.2″
Fixture: Width 28.62″, Height 55.47″




I.R. Price: $899