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Modular Systems

  • Designed by Joel Dupras, Gravity is a fully customizable walk-in closet organizer, loft wardrobe system, media center, work environment, or simply a storage solution suited to the requirements of any space
  • The Gravity Collection is available in North American Birch, Black American Walnut, or Split Oak
  • The framing is solid anodized aluminum available in black anodized finish or natural anodized finish
  • The drawer systems come in multiple sizes while the shelf and clothes rod can be customized from 3″ to 60″ to perfectly fit the given space
  • Each shelf and drawer system is adjustable to any height within the Gravity frame
  • The drawers close softly and quietly thanks to the hidden self closing slow motion slides
  • The drawer interiors are made of Birch and hand stained with a silky finish that protects the contents

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Overall Width:
G-1 W 43.5″ x D 21″ x H 92″
G-2 W 43.5″ x D 21″ x H 92″
G-3 W 65.25″ x D 21″ x H 92″
G-4 W 89.25″ x D 21″ x H 92″
G-5 W 77.25″ x D 21″ x H 92″
G-6 W 103″ x D 60″ x H 92″
G-7 W 107″ x D 21″ x H 92″
G-8 W 111″ x D 21″ x H 92″
G-9 W 141″ x D 33″ x H 92″

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