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Sequel Work Surfaces

Multifunction System Drawer

Sequel Office Features - Multifunction System DrawerThe 6001 Sequel Desk’s multifunction drawer combines a full-featured keyboard tray with a deeper compartment for charging cell phones, cameras and other portable electronics. Cables stay organized with integrated wire management slots. The drawer is lined with black, non-slip neoprene that also functions as a mouse pad. The 6003 Compact Desk includes the same features but in a single level drawer. The 6002 Sequel Return does not include a drawer.

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Easy-Access Panels

Sequel Office Features - Easy-Access PanelsMagnetically attached panels conceal power cords and cables, yet flip down for easy access to connections. The Return 6002 ships with a front panel only, while the Desk 6001 also includes a back panel that may be used with either the Desk or Return, depending on configuration. As it is usually positioned against a wall, the Compact Desk 6003 includes a front panel and offers a back panel as an optional accessory.

Micro-Etched Glass Top

Sequel Office Features - Micro-Etched Glass TopSequel’s micro-etched, black tempered glass work surfaces are non-glare and fingerprint resistant. Compatible with an optical mouse, this unique treatment provides a luxurious feel and smooth writing surface.

Power Strip Placement

Sequel Office Features - Power Strip Placement
The Sequel Desk, Compact Desk and Return include a power strip mounting kit with high strength neodymium magnets. It is simple to mount a surge protector directly to Sequel steel frame to keep cables organized and out of sight (power strip not included).

Superior Construction

Sequel Office Features - Superior Construction
Engineered to last a lifetime, Sequel components are constructed of satin finished, nickel-plated heavy gauge steel and richly finished wood panels.

Desk W/ Back Panel

Design: Matthew Weatherly
The Sequel DESK is the cornerstone of the collection. The multifunction system drawer provides the ideal spot for a keyboard, mouse and rechargeable items. The Desk includes magnetically attached front and back panels making it easy to keep wires controlled and out of view. When positioned against a wall the back panel may be removed for direct access to wall outlets.


29″ H x 60″ W x 24″ D

Desk Return

Design: Matthew Weatherly
The Sequel RETURN provides additional workspace when used with the Desk or is a great laptop station on its own. The Return ships with a front panel to conceal cables when placed against a wall. If the Return is floating in a room, then the Desk’s back panel can be used to conceal the back side.


29″ H x 60″ W x 16″D
The Sequel Desk 6001 includes a BACK PANEL that can be used on either the Desk or Return. If floating both the Desk and the Return within a room, an additional back panel is necessary.
The Return End Panel is an optional accessory that encloses the side of the Sequel Return 6002. Whether used as a modesty panel or to conceal the back of a Sequel CPU Cabinet, this magnetically attached panel is perfect for keeping things out of sight.

Compact Desk

Design: Matthew Weatherly
The reversible Sequel COMPACT DESK is perfect for smaller spaces. The single-level drawer can hold over-sized keyboards and includes wire management slots in the back for rechargeable items. The magnetically attached tilt-down front panel provides easy access to wall connections while keeping all wires out of sight. During setup, the Compact Desk can be configured with the drawer on either side for left or right-handed users.


29″ x 47.25″ x 24″
The Compact Desk 6003 does not include a BACK PANEL. If floating this model in a room the optional back panel is necessary to beautifully finish the desk.

Left Or Right Peninsula

Design: Matthew Weatherly
Available in left and right-facing models, the Sequel Peninsula is perfect for a collaborative work environment with a chair on either side. The micro-etched glass top provides a smooth and durable work surface. The Peninsula attaches securely to Cabinets 6014, 6015, 6016 & 6017 with steel supports located under the glass top. Wire management channels are integrated into the steel frame and legs to keep cables organized and out of sight. Model 6018R is right-facing, 6018L is left-facing.


29.25″ H x 37.75″ W x 55″ D

Corner Desk

Design: Matthew Weatherly
The Sequel Corner Desk makes full use of the corner of a room. The micro-etched glass top provides a smooth work surface and the neoprene-lined multifunction drawer holds supplies, a keyboard & mouse and/or rechargeable items. The Corner Desk attaches securely to Cabinets 6014, 6015, 6016 & 6017 with steel supports located under the glass top. Wire management channels are integrated into the steel frame and the support column conceals wires, a power strip and/or a router (not included).


29.25″ H x 43″ W x 43″ D

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